Customer Stories

"Using i4C has totally transformed the service you offer to me as a client. Rather than focusing on the past our meetings are now about visualising and planning for the future. That is far more interesting and valuable."

Trevor, Entrepreneur

"i4C demonstrated that they could afford the extra monthly expense of a lease, even with reduced working hours and using their cash as a buffer to top up their income. "

Bob (aged 57) and Jackie (63) are both working on relatively modest incomes.  The gross annual total income is c.£30,000 and expenditure is c.£23,000.  Jackie’s health is not good and she would like to give up work. Their home is valued at £500,000 with no debt. They also have a pension fund worth £250,000 and cash on deposit of £50,000. They are both entitled to full state pensions at age 67.

Bob and Jackie

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"Used well, it can empower clients, help them make good decisions and, maybe, change lives. I think all advisers dealing with mainstream clients should be using cash-flow planning to a greater or lesser extent."

Rory Percival, ‘An Ex-Regulator’s Guide to Cashflow Planning’

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"Tom was impressed by the impact of demonstrating the affordability of making pension contributions and the impact of not making them."

Tom was referred to a firm that uses i4C - initially for pension planning advice and most specifically on how to structure his income in retirement. Tom owned significant levels of commercial property but few liquid assets. He also owned a share of a trading business which was valued at approximately £4m. Whilst working he had sufficient income from the trading business to cover his expenditure but that would cease on retirement. He has a pension valued at c.£1m to access as required alongside the full state pension

Tom – Business and commercial property owner

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"The i4C community has been invaluable in helping us to quickly deploy the software, and get up to speed with the full potential of cashflow modelling."

Large London-based IFA

"After selling my business the i4C cashflow model has been great. It’s the first time I’ve been able to see things clearly and how my future plans fit together."

Serge, Business Owner